O mne

I am a hobby photographer – passionate enthusiast. Somewhere in my childhood about 14-15-year-old went to the fotoworkshops in Bratislava. Here I learned the basics of processing analogue black and white photography. I tried also a darkroom and of its atmosphere and scent of developer and fixer. My shooting was limited mainly to the traditional family photo. The greatest pleasure I had from the camera-SLR zn.KOWA SER, which I got from the uncle of „America“ which at that time (behind the iron curtain) was something incredible.

KOWA ser




The more serious photographing I got up in the 90s with analogue and abot 2005 with digital technology. Then I began to study more seriously and everything related with the photography. From the base exposure, composition, light and post-production processing.
My philosophy is:
– creative photography is my opinion arise as far as possible on the location/in the camera, in post-production editing doing only that it was not possible for technical or other reasons do when shooting.
My intention is to be a skilled amateur photographer not a photo-graphic designer ­čÖé

Peter Fabiánek